1. The product that has been purchased cannot be returned and exchanged for cash refunds.
  2. Products that are purchased at discount prices during promotions or gifts are not available for exchange or refund.
  3. The product return must be made within 7 days of the date the order is received by the customer. Returned products must be received to the pre-determined location no later than 7 days after the date of return is approved by
  4. Returned products must have never been used and must still be in its original condition, complete with labels attached to the product and without damage. This includes stains, broken seams, missing buttons, loosened threads or other conditions that deem the product to be defective or damaged.
  5. Boxes and packaging of products brands must be in its original condition. Not broken or dented, not attached to any adhesive material and complete with other merchandise additives such as cartons, clothes hangers, stickers, ribbons, ropes, polybags, plastic and other objects that are part of the overall packaging of the product. We recommend coating the product packaging with a sturdy wrapper and adding a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker to the shipment.
  6. The original product must have an original sales receipt.
  7. Products can only be exchanged & refunded in the form of Store Credit, which can be used to purchase any item.
  8. Product Exchanges can only be done once.


Incorrect size

  1. Product size is too small or too large than specified in the product description.
  2. The size written on the product is not in accordance with general standards.
  3. Different sizes between product physical and box / packaging.
  4. Different size between left and right (example: shoes).

Incorrect Color

  1. The color of the product sent is not the same as specified in the product description.
  2. Color differences between the physical product received and photos caused by lighting effects or computer screens are not subject to refunds / exchanges. 

Damaged Products 

  1. Footwear (shoes / sandals)
  • A minimum of 1 (one) size differs between left and right.
  • Exfoliated product skin, loose stitches and missing product parts on shoes.
  • Product color is faded / colors are different.
  1. Clothes
  • Damage due to loose buttons, loose knits and similar things.
  • Stain or blemish spot.
  • Fabric / material torn.
  • Broken stitches.
  • Zipper damage and similar things.
  • Fading color / color is different.
  1. Bag
  • Stain or blemish spot.
  • Fade color / different colors.
  • Has a small puncture or tear.
  • Loose stitch or defective applique.
  • Broken zipper.
  • Exfoliated product skin.
  1. Accessories
  • Missing piece.
  • Scratches on glasses.
  • Exfoliated product skin, loose seams on gloves.
  • Stained, loose or faded embroidery.
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